My journey of discovering the universal laws helped me understand how to interact with the universe we are in. It taught me how to create many of my desires. I found out that happiness and self love is the journey to attract all desires in health, wealth, career and relationships.

In harmony with universal laws, I will coach you to help you create your desires. I created iDesire to spread the teachings of the laws that can be
used to sow the seeds of your desires, free your minds from weeds and grow flowers and trees of fruitful and pure thoughts. This alleviates the garden in your minds and makes you discover that you are the gardeners of your souls and creators of your life.

Your life can change if you want a change in it! Through these teachings and applying their techniques you can change your daily life practice. And through a practice of thought change your feelings change where life dreams unfold. I used those learning’s in my life and career and have a magnetic inner radiance I never felt before.

Despite being a Projects and Design Manager in the field of museums, I have always dedicated time to attended many workshops and seminars in self development. My passion and journey started when I took a 2 year program at Kuwait’s International Academy of Personal Development and then I became a certified NLP coach.

I infuse my coaching techniques with inspirations from my daily readings and use the Creative Mind Method (CMM) which has strong psychological principles and includes the universal laws of manifestation in its process.

I discovered the laws that teach us that we don’t need to judge, fear or control others. But realize that real control, power, true happiness and prosperity comes within us. We have enormous powers created by God within us. These laws require knowledge, faith, belief and hope. I hope I can serve you to effectively use the universal laws and help in directing you to your desires.

In my journey to find happiness and realizing my dreams I discovered that I enjoy socializing and laughing jokingly with others. My dedicated mind and open approach to people around me have always been one of my key strengths. I found out that Life is always fun and things always happen for a good reason. Finally I want you to always remember and believe that “Whatever you desire you deserve!” and “Listen to your desires, they are the pulses of your soul”


Alaa Alqassimi, Life

iDesire Founder