I can coach you on different areas of life, focusing mainly on women and helping them understand how their mind power can help them reach self fulfillment and happiness.  

In my coaching packages we work through visualizations, meditations, dream work and real life experiences. All of these
exercises helps to increase yourself care and well being and hence the quality of your life to achieve your desires and dreams.

Individual couching

group couching


Individual Coaching

As a specialized creative mind coach, I’ll help you understand how you can achieve what you want in life, by understanding your mind abilities and power.

Whether you want to improve your finances, grow in your career, have or develop lasting relationships and find a fulfilled happy life..

I can show you how to live the life you know you’re ready for, personally and professionally.

I can coach you on how to:
discover and achieve your personal goals and dreams
support you in your personal growth
mentor your personal development
Uncover your life blocks

Depending on your location, I can coach you in-person, over the phone, by email or through an online phone system.

My packages are:

1) 3 months full package :
includes 6 private 45 minute phone sessions
Open email questions
Recommended readings and meditations
$1360, to be paid in advance or in 2 installments

2) 6 months full package;      
includes 12 private 45 minute phone/skype session  
Open email questions
Recommended readings and meditations
discounted cost from the 3 months: $2450 (to be paid in advance or in 2 installments)

Please note that clients who have the iDesire discount voucher, will have a special discount as well.‍

Group Coaching

This type of coaching is grouping a group of women (3-5 females) who have the same intentions, goal or a common life issue. It allows the group to share their experience or issue and helps the group bond and support each other.


As a speaker in both languages English & Arabic, I understand both cultures and can adapt to different audiences whether corporate, academic or entrepreneurial.

Because of my passion in helping others, I am devoted to give my audience talks that are passionate, inspiring and life changing. I build rapport with people and audiences instantly through my honesty, friendliness, and openness.

My corporate background as a project manager, along with my continuous self-development work and coaching experience, have made me a person who understands cultural diversities and flourish with creative mind life coaching.